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Help us Provide Lunch to the COTS Daystation

by Abbey Duke, Founder & CEO

Sugarsnap is mobilizing our staff and resources to provide meals for people in need in our community. And we are asking individuals and businesses to help us do it.

To start, we will be providing a nutritious, hearty lunch for COTS’ Daystation. For $6 per meal ($300 per day; $2,100 per week), Sugarsnap can provide this lunch. Since you can’t bring in a catered lunch for your office or take your sales team to dinner, I hope you will use some of that money to purchase a meal for a vulnerable group of people.

You can make a donation of any size on our online ordering platform. You can also contact us directly to discuss how we can make it work.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, volunteers helped COTS provide this lunch service. However, now volunteers are not allowed in COTS’ facility. This is where Sugarsnap can help. We have an isolated commissary kitchen and we have the skills and ability to provide these meals.

The Daystation is a daytime center for adults who are homeless and have no other place to shelter. COTS is also helping provide meals to guests in the to their family guests in shelter (to help reduce the risk of exposure) and to guests who are sheltering in hotels, without access to food storage or ability to prep.

We are in a community-wide crisis, and with your help, we can help make things a little better with some good food.

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