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From summer to fall

by Abbey Duke, Founder & CEO

I took this picture before our harvest on Tuesday morning just as the sun started to come up over the fields.

I was walking back from the upright where I had turned on the water for the latest spinach planting when I saw these flowers and grasses.

A slight dew lay on the plants and everything was still and quiet.

Eminent Domain

In the background the corn plants are tall and bursting with sweet ears of corn.

Next to that the buttercup squash is just finishing ripening up, adding a little more sugar into its dense flesh.

There is so much beauty on the farm this time of year that it can be breathtaking.

Eminent Domain

It is also very satisfying as a farmer to see all the work that I have put into growing the crops turning into delicious crops that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people will enjoy and fill their bellies with.

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