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Three Reasons Farm-to-Table Catering Elevates Your Burlington Business Meetings

by Abbey Duke, Founder & CEO

In business and in life, first impressions are everything. This has become even more true in the modern economy, where 81% of consumers research your company and/or goods before making a buying decision and 76% of job applicants want to know what makes your company an attractive place to work before even applying. Transparency is the new norm in business. If you want to retain both clients and top talent, you need to establish a positive image of a socially responsible company culture.

One of the most celebrated and distinct ways to do that is by providing your team benefits like environmentally responsible farm-to-table catering. Farm-to-table catering holds a higher status than other catering services because it is fresher and locally sourced. Bringing it to your corporate meeting space can elevate your Burlington company in the eyes of these individuals in several valuable ways. Here are some of the most significant:

A healthier, more productive group

A healthy lunch is rewarding for your group. Feeding your team members is one way to attract and retain top talent. But if you really want to stand out in the hearts and minds of the Burlington business community, then farm-to-table quality is the way to go. It’s more health-conscious cuisine that is specially prepared for your group and tailored to your tastes and dietary restrictions.

Eating farm-to-table reduces intake of gluten, preservatives and other potentially harmful chemicals. Providing it for your meetings (whether they be with prospective clients or your team members) will boost energy, attentiveness, productivity and engagement. No way around it—healthy food makes for healthy meetings.

A more environmentally conscious team and brand image

The food service that you provide for your clients and work group reflects on you and your brand. Providing a farm-to-table quality corporate catering experience sends a message that your organization not only values the health of those at the table, but also values the health of our planet.

Job seekers want to work (and work harder) for an organization that expresses the values of environmental consciousness and global health. Farm-to-table catering includes healthy, fresh food with sustainable packaging. It’s a proactive way of eating well and delivering a positive message.

A locally mindful reputation

While farm-to-table cuisine is considerate of the environment on a global scale, it is also mindful of the importance of the local economy and community growth.

When your team members eat fresh, farm-to-table catering in your meetings, you’re eating home-grown cuisine that was harvested and prepared by your fellow Vermonters. The food doesn’t travel far between the field and your plate. That capital stays in your community to support people you know who work on local products and projects on farms near you. This sends a message that you value the hard work and efforts of your neighborhood in providing a healthy service while contributing to environmental preservation.

For your next meeting, don’t opt for corporate convenience. Give your team a personal, healthy and delicious reward for all their efforts. Send a message that you love and support the environment and local economy. Give them something greater with fresh, farm-to-table catering.

If you’re ready to bring these refreshing and filling corporate catering services to your next luncheon or conference, contact our team online or give us a call at 802.861.2951.

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