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Best Volunteer Ever

by Abbey Duke, Founder & CEO

Last growing season tons got done on Sugarsnap Farm because volunteer Tessa Kennison spent time on her days off to come help out. I hope she comes back in 2014, but there is more to do for anyone interested in joining Tessa and me at the farm.

Tessa’s official farm title is Best Volunteer Ever, but there are other positions being imagined all the time. If you would like to spend time tending crops that end up on Sugarsnap’s menu, get in touch, and we will have you come down to the farm.

Here is an incomplete list of volunteer positions at the farm:

Spinachmeister: Take ownership of tending a crop of spinach in the field from planting to multiple harvests. Tim will guide you as you learn to use the Earthway seeder to plant a large bed of spinach. You will watch the seedlings emerge in weeks to come. Dote on your rows to keep them ahead of the weeds. Become well acquainted with the scuffle hoe. Harvest and wash box after box of leafy greens and watch them head off to the kitchen.

Pea-Snapper: We very much need an individual to head up production of our namesake crop – sugarsnap peas. If you want to devote yourself to making this crop happen, we want to talk to you.

Head Weeder: Clear your mind as you clear weeds from the Sugarsnap beds. Many find weeding to be a meditative practice. Focus on the weed, pull the weed, let the weed go. Repeat 4 times a second. Much Clarity. So clean bed. Wow dirty hands. Great way to listen to audiobooks!

Tomato Pincher: We will grow tomatoes in the new greenhouse this year! For best production, tomato plants need to be pruned. Spend time in the greenhouse popping off the side-shoots, encouraging upward growth.

Flower Girl: Edible Flowers are just gorgeous! Be the one who makes sure they garnish as many Sugarsnap salads as possible.

Harvest Helper: Harvesting is one of the most rewarding tasks on the farm. But harvest days can be hectic when there is a lot to bring in. Spend bright Intervale mornings filling boxes with vegetables you pick! Bonus: you get to carry a knife!

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