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5 Tips from the Pros for Hosting an Event in Your Home

by Abbey Duke, Founder & CEO

Sometimes, it makes the most sense to have the event at your home, whether it is a graduation party, a family reunion or an office get together. And as caterers, we know that events and parties are about much more than the food and beverages.

Caterers spend a lot of time thinking about people: how they will behave; how they will flow through a space; what their expectations are. Here are some tips from the pros for the next party you throw at your home:

1. Think about the flow of people
Where are people going to congregate? Where should you put the food and beverages? Are their any places that people will bottleneck. A nicely laid out party takes into account these factors.

2. Consider Renting
If you don’t have it, consider renting from Vermont Tent or another rental company. You can rent small tents, tables, chairs, serving dishes, glassware, coffee makers and much more. You can place very small orders and go pick it up for your party.

3. When planning the menu, think through your guests expectations
What time of day is the party? If it is lunchtime, then your guests will be hungry. But if is a reception from 4-6pm, then light snacks should work. You can also manage expectations by how you word the invitation. Calling the event a “luncheon” or “drinks and snacks” or “heavy appetizers” will create different expectations in your guests.

4. Serve items that don’t require a lot of preparation right before or during the event
Or if you do want passed appetizers or food that is cooked during the event, consider hiring a caterer so you can focus on the event.

5. Consider how many seats you want (and need)
Depending on the type of party, you don’t necessarily need seats for everyone. In fact, a good rule of thumb for a cocktail party is seats for about 1/3 of your guests.

And, of course, if you need any help with the food, drinks or service at your event, contact us at Sugarsnap. We can provide a delivery service or provide all of the planning, service and cleanup required.

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